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PLA Navy General Hospital; PLA 304 Hospital; PLA 301 Hospital; PLA 252 Hospital;  Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military; The Second Military Medical University Institute; The Second Military Medical University  Tropical Disease Institute; Guangzhou Asian Games City Hospital; Shengyang NO.7 People's Hospital;Yangzhou South Union Hospital; Zhejiang University Hospital; Affiliated Hospital of Wuhan Science &Technology University ; Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai university; Tianjing Eye Hospital; Shenyang Women's and Children's Hospital; Xianlin International Hospitalof Nanjing Drum-tower Hospital; Yangzhou NO.1 Pelple's Hospital; Friendship Hospital; Dashiqiao Central Hospital; Dezhou People's Hopital; Fengdu People's Hospital; Tumor Floor of Tianjing People's Hospital; Shenyang golden autumn Hospital; Chongzuo People's Hospital; Hengshui Hospital; Guangzhou Fanyu Central Hospital.

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