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Shanghai Baogang Co.,Ltd.; The building of  Wuhan Iron And Steel(Group) Corp.; Meishan Steel Factory; Tianjin Steel Factory; The Control Center of Angang Steel Corporation Mackeral Fish Circle Branch Company;  Alibaba Group; BoYuan Building of Interna Mongolio; Economic Zone of Guangzhou Science City headquarter; China Golden Group in Manzhouli; TBEA Shenyang Transformer Factory; Qingdao Refining and Chemical Corporation; Kunshan NSK Factory; Xian Switch Factory; Tianwei Solution Co.,Ltd.; Tianwei 302 Factory; Tianwei 402 Factory in Shuangliu Huajia; Shenyang Michelie  Factory; Xian Yanchang Petroleum Factory; Orion Food Co.,Ltd.; Guangzhou Dingjin Food Co.,Ltd.; Wuhan Dingjin Food Co.,Ltd.; Xiamen TAECO Engine Corporation; Tenwow Group; Dalian Space Ship Co.,Ltd.

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