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Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center; Beijing Olympic Park; Asia Games City  Gymnasium; AVIC I(Beijing)Customer Service Base; AVIC I(Beijing)Customer Service Base; Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway; XiAn Express Railway; NanJing Express Railway; AnHui Express Railway; NanChang Express Railway; XiaoShan Airport; Shanghai Metro Line 9; Shanghai Metro Line 1; Beijing Capital International Airport; Chongqing Aviation Sides Building; Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Air Force 2807 Project; Asian Games Venues;Jilin passenger station; Baoji high-speed passenger transportation center; Yantai Cultural Center; Yingkou Olympic Sports Center; Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium; Hot Springs Sports Center; Air Force Radar Academy, Dream of Water; Wanli nursing home; Fujian Medical University Stadium; Shengyang Boye Base. 

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