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Government Offices
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Shopping Malls
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Tobacco Factories
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Financial Buildings and Communication Centre
Electronics Plants and technology Parks
Automotive Factories

The First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security; The hostel of Ministry of Public Security; National Electricity Disaster Recovery Center;  The 1st Building of Chinese People's Armed Police Force; Shaanxi Provincial Archives; Post Building in Shanxi; MBA building in Wenzhou; Shanxin Transformer Substation in Zhangjia Port; Hangzhou Broadcasting and Television Station; Yiwu Broadcasting and Television Station; Shanghai Futures Exchange; Purification System of Jilin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; Tianjin Institute For Drug Control; Shengyang Water Resources Bureau; Beijing Construction Committee Officing Building; Fujian  Culture and Sports Center; Yulin State Administration of Taxation; Guiyang Power Supply Bureau; Jilin Intermediate People's Count; Qinyang Government Office Building; African Union Conference Center;

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