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Public Facilities
Tourist Attractions
Government Offices
Office Buildings and Real Estates
Exhibition Halls and Museum
Shopping Malls
Research and Design Institutes
Tobacco Factories
Pharmaceutical Plants and Biotechnology Enterprises
Financial Buildings and Communication Centre
Electronics Plants and technology Parks
Automotive Factories

Shanghai Pentagon World Trade Emporium; Wenzhou World Trade Centre;  Guancheng Wal-Mart Store in Kunming; Yunshan Wal-Mart Store in Kunming; Gaohang Wal-Mart Store in Shanghai; Fanyu Wal-Mart Store; Shengyang Heonglong Square; Jinan Heonglong Square; Zhongyuan Department Store; Wuhu Xinbai Building; Pindao Xiduoman Dietary World in Guiyang Nanming; Yingkou TESCO; Shanxi Fuping Kingdom Super Market; B&Q; Xinjing Totem Business Center in Chengdu; Chendu Golden Eagle Xin Tiandi;  Kunming Golden Eagle Xin Tiandi;  Mingzhu Ceramic City in Chengdu; Yanan  Center Street underground mall;

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