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Automotive Factories

Jingdongfang Technology Group; Shuzhou Production and Testing Base fo AVIC Radar and Electronic Equipment Institute; Zhangjiang Collector Port; Wuhan Micro-Electronics Co.,Ltd.; Guangzhou Stanley Electric Co.,Ltd.; Beijing Sun Sanwei Co.,Ltd.; Dongguan Duobang Electronic Meterial Co.,Ltd.; Huaying Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd.; Wuhan Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd.; Suzhou Sanyo Co.,Ltd.; Beijing Unipulse Co.,Ltd.; Wuxi Hynix Co., LTD.; Beijing LC Energy Institute and Shenghua Technology Innovation base; ORISI Silicon Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Kingston Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy Co.,Ltd.; Xian Internation Software Park; Dongruan Software Park; Dalian Tengfei Software Park; Huading Industrial Park; Dalian Yida Software Park; Dalian Tiandi Software Park; Research,Hatch and Integrated Services center in Binhai New Area.

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