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Yilida SmartAir Selection Software DLL Successfully Embedded in Unilab AHU Designer

Yilida (Stock # SZ002686), the largest HVAC fan company in Asia, is pleased to announce its SmartAir  Fan Selection software DLL has been successfully embedded in the Unilab’s AHU (Air Handling Unit) design software.   Unilab’s customers worldwide can enjoy seamless integration of Yilida’s fan selection and Unilab’s AHU selection.  We thank Unilab’s engineers dedication and hard work .

About Unilab

Unilab (http://www.unilab.eu), based in Italy, is world leader in development of the AHU selection and designing software.  With over 25 years of history, Unilab has customers all over the world to design their AHUs.     To embed Yilida’s SmartAir software DLL enables Unilab to expand its capability in the fan selections and provide additional value to the customers.

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