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Duct Fans
GZSE Series
Silent tube fans
Impeller diameter: 125 - 400mm
Flow rate up to 3600m3/h
YG(E)YGS(E) Series
Duct fans
Impeller diameter: 200 - 450mm
Flow rate up to 8500m3/h
YS Series
Induction fans
Impeller diameter: 7 - 10in
Flow rate up to 3600m3/h
GSE/GKE Series

Tubular fans
Impeller diameter: 100 - 500mm
Flow rate up to 8000m3/h

YF/YT Series
Centrifugal exhaust fans
Impeller diameter: 250 - 1000mm
Flow rate up to 50000m3/h

Duct fans
Impeller diameter: 200 - 500mm
Flow rate up to 20000m3/h

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